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FACUNDO opened the 27 of November 1944 in Villada (Palencia), at the same time as the marriage between Lola and Facundo. It was then when they founded the family company engaged in the manufacture and sale of nuts.

During the years after the war, there were few possibilities for Free Trade food as the majority of the products were intervened.   Nevertheless, nuts were free and especially sunflower seeds.facundo historia 01

Facundo and Lola saw this "market niche" and tackled it with courage without any capital of their own and starting with an initial credit of 90,000 pesetas from the former Banco Hispano Americano. With willpower and determination they started an attractive business project, which apart from satisfying the need for healthy food at a really attractive price (...the Spanish expression "that man can't even afford to buy sunflower seeds"...) covered times of leisure and enjoyment, fostering group consumption... Who refused to give a handful of Facundo Seeds to a friend?

They were difficult times.  For FACUNDO their only cards were their work and their honesty. With their example, they always transmitted that "the best business is being honest", because if you are honest, your suppliers, your bank, your customers and your consumers will realise this and will never forget you.

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They gradually formed a team of loyal, supporting workers; simple people, men and women from the countryside, of the kind who consider the company as their own because both the bosses and the workers lived from it. FACUNDO anticipated to what is know today as Corporate Social Responsibility.

In the villages of Castilla, when the alarm sounded due, for example, to a fire, its men and women were willing to risk their lives to put out a neighbour's fire, everyone helped everyone. Because of this philosophy, it is easy to understand that when a serious train accident occurred opposite the factory on 21 August 2006, the workers immediately stopped all the machines, jumped over the railway fencing and climbed onboard the train to save the injured passengers.

One of the philosophical principles of the FACUNDO founders was to devise new things, things that other people were not doing, while the gradual incorporation of novelties was followed by the competition. FACUNDO has been pioneer in roasting Sunflower Seeds by means of the water-salt system, instead of salting them with salt and drying them without roasting in the sun, which was the method used until then.

FACUNDO was also pioneer in the use of polyethylene to pack the finished product, instead of the famous jute sacks, and purchased the first automatic reel-based packing machine, dispensing the quantity with some volumetric glasses.

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Moreover, FACUNDO initiated in marketing techniques without anyone really knowing the meaning of that word, which today has so much meaning.  An example of this is the placing of external advertising on the delivery vehicles. FACUNDO's first logotype, which is still valid today, is formed by making use of the allegory of "hitting the Mark" (Blanco in Spanish) "hitting the Target" (as a synonym of getting it right) associating it with the coincidence of the Founder's name and surname:  Facundo Blanco.

The dare of creating a "philosophical bull" is to make it talk at the time of its death with a clear and convincing reflection:
"...I regret leaving this world without having tried Facundo Seeds."promocional

The success of their seeds, of their logotype, of their identification colours was so great, ...that their competitors tried to imitate them.

On one occasion a manufacturer of the area called SEGUNDO, copied colours, trademark designs, ... and even the names of the trademarks of FACUNDO and SEGUNDO were phonetically similar. The message that Segundo gave out also sounded very similar to Facundo's message. They considered taking the imitator to court, but finally they resorted to imagination and to genuine creativity: FACUNDO made a renovated design where, apart from the trademark and colours, he underscored the following sentence on all the bags: "If they give you imitations, reject them WITHIN SECONDS – in Spanish al SEGUNDO, and always eat the best which are Facundo Seeds".

It had an immediate effect. SEGUNDO even had to change the name of his trademark and Facundo is still the best.

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The hopes and new projects add up, committed to R&D&I to design new products with an added value and to improve the Production Process with the philosophy of permanently looking for Quality and Excellence.

Today, FACUNDO is still a family company, although unfortunately with the great void left by its founders.  Although the important values that they created are still in the company, transmitted generation after generation, and that FACUNDO still maintains, especially now when the third generation has joined the company.